Product number: SW10241
Product information "Abendstern"
Video-background Jazz music from Richard Wagners opera "Tannhäuser", male tenor voice, italian vibes, latin, accordeon, double bass, guitar, german lyricsWelcome to ABENDSTERN - Richard Wagner’s video-background jazz masterpiece! With its male tenor voice, combination of Italian vibes and Latin feel, as well as its double bass, accordion, and guitar accompaniment, your projects will captivate the audience with their raw elegance. These German lyrics evoke strong sentimentality and nostalgia that permeates the soul of every listener. From the emotionally charged soundscape to a gentle summer light to passionate sensuality, ABENDSTERN is perfect for videographers, filmmakers, content creators and video editors who want to enrapture their viewers with an artyfile twist. Whether you need heart-stopping scenes or more intimate moments, you’ll get top quality production value EVery time! So come explore this work of genius at Abendstern and be inspired by Richard Wagner’s timeless musical legacy today!
BPM: Slow
Genres: Blues, Classical, Jazz, Latin
Instruments: Accordion, Acoustic Guitar, Double Bass, Vocal Man
Moods: Emotional, Gentle Light, Romantic / Sentimental, Sad /Nostalgic, Sexy / Sensual, Summer / Hot

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