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Product number: SW10364
Product information "Easy For Me"
Welcome to the world of Easy For Me – an entrancing listening adventure like no other! Our royalty-free country music will transport you to the rustic atmosphere of a classic Wild West town. You’ll be able to immerse yourself in the soothing yet exciting sounds of rock, an eclectic mix of electric guitar and piano. With Easy For Me, you’ll be able to re-live the old-world country, the mystique of cowboys riding across the plains, as you savor the captivating music. 

Whether you’re a fan of country music, rock, or simply a fan of the Wild West, Easy For Me is designed for everyone who appreciates an effortless listening journey. We offer tangy tunes and unique clips that will put you at ease, and evoke memories of old-time freedom and adventure. With Easy For Me, you can bring the authentic sound of the West right to your ears. 

Take a deep breath and experience the distinctive, reminiscence-inducing music. Our Funky Fours – one of our most popular pieces – is the perfect blend of contemporary acoustic folk and bluesy country. With Easy For Me, you’ll be able to experience the unique sounds of the Wild West without ever leaving your home. 

Twang your way through a journey of discovery. With Easy For Me, it’s never been easier to revel in the soul-stirring tunes of rock.
BPM: Medium
Genres: Background, Country, Rock
Instruments: Acoustic Guitar, Band, Electric Guitar, Instrumental, Piano
Moods: Feel Good, Landscapes, Romantic / Sentimental

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