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Featuring a collection of licensed songs evoking various emotions, moods, and atmospheres: "Ocean Breeze" captures the serenity of nature, while "Wedding" brings forth feelings of joy and celebration. Dive into the depths of the "Emotional" track, or get lost in the enchanting melodies of "Landscapes." For those moments of introspection, the "Sad" and "Nostalgic" tunes will resonate, while "Magical" and "Mystical" transport you to otherworldly realms. Revel in the intoxicating allure of romance with the melodies of "Romantic," and indulge in sentimental bliss with the evocative rhythms of "Sentimental."Intertwine the threads of inspiration and emotion with our mesmerizing masterpiece, "Ocean Breeze." A harmonious symphony of licensed songs awaits you, ready to breathe life and soul into your projects. As creators ourselves, we understand the compelling power of music to set the tone, evoke sentiments, and elevate narratives. That's why we meticulously curated this collection for the artistic souls seeking to embark on a captivating creative journey.

Imagine the gentle caress of a cool breeze against your face as you traverse an unspoiled coastline. "Ocean Breeze" encapsulates that tranquil serenity, transporting you to golden moments where time stands still. With ethereal melodies and soothing harmonies, this track envelops your senses, inviting you to sway with the ebb and flow of its musical enchantment.

When jubilation fills the air and love shimmers like a radiant beacon, "Wedding" beckons you to immerse yourself in the ocean of joy and celebration. Each note resonates with jubilant hearts, capturing the essence of pure delight and eternal promise. Let these melodies weave through the precious moments of love, togetherness, and unbridled happiness, creating an auditory masterpiece that echoes through the halls of memory.

For those seeking moments of introspection and raw vulnerability, delve into the depths of the "Emotional" track, a sonic journey that transcends words and dives straight into the core of your being. These melodies paint a canvas of human emotions - joy, sorrow, love, and longing - giving voice to the depth of your stories. Unleash your creativity and pour your soul into every frame, as "Emotional" becomes the heartbeat of your cinematic masterpiece.

Let the melodies of "Landscapes" wash over you, carrying you to vast, unexplored realms of imagination and wonder. Allow yourself to be embraced by the majesty of nature's grandeur, as these harmonies blend seamlessly with your visuals, breathing life into stunning vistas and ethereal experiences. With "Landscapes," the world becomes your canvass, waiting to be brought to life through the lens of your creative vision.

The ephemeral dance of memory reveals itself through the poignant melodies of "Sad" and "Nostalgic." These tracks become the soulful companion in times of reflection, as the bittersweet symphonies weave tapestries of emotional resonance. Embrace these shades of melancholy and allow them to reverberate through your work, capturing the undeniable beauty of human stories tinged with the ache of remembrance.

Prepare to unlock the secrets of arcane realms with the captivating allure of "Magical" and "Mystical" melodies. Embark on a transcriptional voyage to otherworldly dimensions, where imagination knows no boundaries. Let these enchanting harmonies be the portal to a universe brimming with untold mysteries, where the fantastical breathes life into your narratives, infusing them with an ethereal enchantment.

Romance takes center stage as "Romantic" serenades your senses, entwining passionate melodies with the beating of your heart. Immerse yourself in a symphony of desire, longing, and euphoria, weaving a tale of rapturous love set against the backdrop of a cinematic odyssey. Beautiful moments and tender whispers come alive through the evocative rhythms of "Romantic," leaving an indelible mark on your storytelling masterpiece.

Finally, discover the treasure trove of sentimentality that lies within "Sentimental." Immerse yourself in the evocative rhythms and melodies that elicit nostalgic warmth and tender emotions, as this track becomes the heartbeat of your heart-touching narratives. From heartbreak to unbreakable bonds, "Sentimental" celebrates the triumphs, tribulations, and precious connections that make us who we are.

Unlock the true potential of your creative endeavors with "Ocean Breeze." Designed with filmmakers, creatives, content creators, and video editors in mind, this collection is your gateway to an auditory universe teeming with limitless possibilities. Let the melodies guide your imagination, infusing your projects with unforgettable emotions, indelible imagery, and a touch of cinematic magic. Start your unforgettable voyage today and discover the transformative power of "Ocean Breeze."
BPM: Slow
Genres: Background, Chillout, Classical, Opener & Signation / Intro, Outro, Piano Songs, Pop
Instruments: Piano
Moods: Emotional, Landscapes, Magical / Mystical, Romantic / Sentimental, Sad /Nostalgic, Wedding

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