Offenbach: Souvenir de Reveilon



Product number: ars21000654
Product information "Offenbach: Souvenir de Reveilon "
Experience the enchanting melodies of Offenbach's "Souvenir de Reveilon" as piano and flute intertwine, gracefully traversing hills and valleys. Indulge in the royalty of music.Immerse yourself in the regal sound of Offenbach's enchanting "Souvenir de Reveilon". As the piano and flute dynamically dance, explore a melodious journey navigating the highs and lows of the intricate ballad. Perfect for the filmmaker, creator, or video editor, appreciate the unique soundworld of this intricate piece of classical music. Offenbach's captivating composition is sure to become a staple in any creative's music library.
BPM: Upbeat, Fast
Genres: Classical
Instruments: Flute, Instrumental, Piano
Moods: Action / Sports, Adventure / Discovery, Feel Good, Gentle Light, Happy / Funny, Landscapes, Magical / Mystical

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