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Real Life

Real Life

Immerse yourself in the captivating rhythms of "Real Life," a midtempo pop masterpiece from Artyfile's exclusive collection. Perfectly crafted for image films, this song embodies a feel-good, positive sound that brings any visual story to life. Featuring classic band elements such as dynamic drums, vibrant guitars, and a groovy bassline, "Real Life" exudes a motivational aura, making it an ideal backdrop for inspirational content. Its uplifting melody and easygoing vibe capture the essence of a carefree life, resonating with both filmmakers and music enthusiasts seeking high-quality, subscription-free music options. Not just a song, but an investment in music NFTs, "Real Life" offers both artistic and financial value, aligning with Artyfile's commitment to quality, innovation, and sophistication.

How Beautiful (Lounge Version)

How Beautiful (Lounge Version)

Introducing How Beautiful (Lounge Version) – the perfect music to make your films, visuals, and lifestyle pictures shine. The pulsating pop beats will instantly bring your artistic vision to life while the adventure it evokes will transport viewers to new heights.This song captures a feel-good energy that’s up-lifting and fashion forward while providing an upbeat background of voices to set the tone for positive vibes. Plus, its groovy beats make it ideal for creative projects striving to stay at the forefront of their audiences’ minds.If you’re looking for music that will help relax your pictures and videos with a level of sophistication and style befitting a fashionable lifestyle, look no further than How Beautiful (Lounge Version). Get your creative juices flowing today!

Bach: Cello Suite Recomposed

Bach: Cello Suite Recomposed

Allow the timeless art of Johann Sebastian Bach to inspire and captivate your creative imagination with Bach: Cello Suite Recomposed. This modern version of the famous cello work was produced at Abbey Road Studios in London and offers an opportunity to add a fresh shine to any film or video project. The bold arrangement and captivating solos lend a stunning resonance that will elevate your project and take it to new heights. With its powerful combination of instrumental brilliance, innovativeness, and emotion, this modern adaptation is both informative and inspiring. Just like when Bach composed his celebrated work hundreds of years ago, you will be able to craft something entirely unique and powerful for your own creations. Bach: Cello Suite Recomposed will inject creativity into whatever you desire with its expressive depth.Want More? Click "BUY & EARN" to Invest in This Song. Use, Get Paid & Own Your Life's Soundtrack!



Welcome to Hollywood, the go-to destination for contemporary music that will captivate a wide variety of audiences. Our diverse selection of beats is designed with precision and quality in mind, perfect for any media platform from YouTube to film and even advertisements. Take your viewers on an unforgettable journey with our range of tracks, from piano ballads to modern electronic pieces combined with a live male vocalist to really take things up a notch. We know just how important it is to set the right tone – and rest assured that Hollywood has got you covered. Bounce along to a lighthearted rhythm or lay down some serious soul: no matter what kind of vibe you're looking for, we guarantee you’ll find it here! Plus, all our tracks are completely royalty-free so you can get the most out of your creations with confidence in knowing there are no restrictions on how they’re used or shared. So if you’re after fresh sounds that capture those distinctive current trends in music, look no further than Hollywood – for all your music-related needs!



Presenting Return– an exciting, electronic driven pop song perfect to spice up your projects and get the artists’ and filmmakers’ creativity flowing. With its distant female voices, beats, and electronic elements this track offers plenty of energy and a positive vibe you won’t be able to get enough of. Soaring high with its bright melody, uplifting tones, and little sparklings, Return is designed for creative minds that want to craft something innovative and arty: from montages and documentaries to fashion shoots or podcasts–the music in this track will translate each story into a piece of art. Feel good chilled tunes like Return will make influencers feel motivated as they film their videos or write their stories. Thanks to the warm sounds and soothing vocal textures Buyers can engage their audiences in a captivating way without having to sacrificing quality for quantity. You don't have to look any further than Return if you're looking for the perfect background music. It's the perfect mix of creativity, energy, vibrancy and professionalism that will help your projects stand out in the right way!

The Opener

The Opener

Introducing The Opener – dynamic and compelling music to add dramatic intensity to podcasts, films, videos, and other media. The Opener audience is the most discerning film & TV production professionals, influencers, and creatives who demand world class soundtracks for their projects. Take your podcast or video content to the next level with this collection of crime, thriller, adventure, and discovery tracks. Every track was composed and produced by top-tier music professionals to ensure a stunning listening experience with all the drama and suspense found in today’s best works. Hear the power of The Opener! Each song will help set a mood across genres like talkshows, news programs, sports shows. Let The Opener invigorate any presentation with an imaginative blend of tunes designed to keep audiences entertained. With its broad range of dramas, it has something that appeals to everyone-from serious thrillers to lighthearted comedies. The perfect audio accompaniment for crafting truly immersive experiences – now at your fingertips! Take advantage of this sensational library of tunes and unlock the potential of your creative projects with The Opener!


Unlocking the Power of Free and Royalty Free Music - Audio Background for Video and Film

Are you tired of your videos lacking that extra touch that makes them stand out? Look no further! Unlock the power of free and royalty-free music and audio backgrounds to create a captivating experience for your audience. Not only will you learn where to find high-quality audio background for video, but also how to select the perfect one for your video projects. Ready to take your videos to the next level?

In this blog post, we'll explore the world of audio background for video, including royalty-free music, sound effects, and ambient sounds. We'll provide top sources for high-quality audio backgrounds, tips for choosing the perfect audio background for video, and how to use them effectively in your video projects. Let's dive in!

Short Summary

  • Explore the world of audio backgrounds to find perfect tracks for video projects and captivate your audience.

  • Discover sources for high-quality royalty free music & sound effects that evoke emotion in viewers.

  • Consider mood, tone, audience preferences & volume when selecting an appropriate background track - then mix & edit it professionally!

Exploring the World of Audio Backgrounds for Videos

A person listening to royalty free music on headphones

Imagine watching a movie without any background music or sound effects. Sounds dull, right? Audio backgrounds are the unsung heroes of video projects, responsible for setting the mood and evoking emotions in the audience. From royalty-free music downloads to immersive sound effects, audio backgrounds are a key component in transforming your videos into captivating masterpieces.

The world of audio backgrounds is vast and diverse, ranging from royalty-free music libraries to independent artists and Creative Commons platforms. Whether you're a content creator searching for the perfect track to complement your YouTube channel or a filmmaker in need of unique soundscapes, there's something for everyone in this ever-growing universe of audio resources.

Royalty Free Music

Royalty-free music is a game-changer for content creators. With a one-time payment or subscription, you can use a music track for as long as you desire, without incurring any additional costs. This eliminates the hassle of recurring payments and allows you to use the music for both personal and commercial purposes.

Among the top sources of royalty-free music are platforms like Artyfile, AudioJungle, Soundstripe, and Epidemic Sound. These platforms offer an incredible selection of tracks ranging from hip hop to classical, catering to various genres and moods. With flexible pricing options and unlimited downloads, royalty-free music libraries make it easy for creators to find the perfect audio background for their projects.

Sound Effects

Sound effects are the secret ingredient that can take your video from good to great. They're the subtle, often overlooked elements that add depth and interest to your videos. From the chirping of birds in a serene forest to the bustling sounds of city traffic, sound effects can breathe life into your visuals and create a more immersive experience for your audience.

Creating sound effects can be done in various ways, such as using a library of sound effects or having a Foley artist create them. When using sound effects, it's essential to consider the atmosphere and tone of the video, the audience's preferences, and the balance between volume and clarity for optimal results.

Ambient Sounds

Ambient sounds are the captivating background noises that immerse your audience into the world you've created in your video or film. They can evoke a sense of calmness, nostalgia, or even tension, depending on the scene. Whether it's the sound of rain falling on a rooftop or the distant hum of a busy city, ambient sounds help set the tone and create a unique atmosphere for your project.

Creative Commons platforms offer a treasure trove of ambient sounds for free or non-commercial use. These platforms require proper attribution and licensing, ensuring that you can access a vast range of audio backgrounds without any legal or financial worries.

So, go ahead and explore the endless possibilities of ambient sounds to craft an unparalleled atmosphere in your next project, especially for video projects.

Top Sources for High-Quality Audio Backgrounds

A person searching for high-quality audio backgrounds on a laptop

Finding high-quality audio backgrounds is crucial for creating a captivating and engaging video experience. With countless sources available, how do you know which one to choose? Worry not! We've compiled a list of top sources for high-quality audio backgrounds to help you make your project stand out.

Among these sources are royalty-free music libraries like Artyfile, Envato Market (AudioJungle), AShamaluevMusic, and Wondershare Filmstocks, which offer a vast selection of tracks with flexible pricing options. Independent artists and Creative Commons platforms also provide unique and creative audio backgrounds, allowing you to find the perfect audio background for your video projects.

Royalty Free Music Libraries

Royalty-free music libraries, such as Artyfile, AudioJungle, Soundstripe, and Epidemic Sound, offer a wide selection of tracks catering to various genres and moods. From inspiring motivational tracks to incredible sound effects, these platforms provide unlimited downloads with flexible pricing options and straightforward licensing.

By offering exclusive tracks and effects, royalty-free music libraries give content creators the freedom to create without worrying about additional costs or copyright issues. This makes them an ideal source for high-quality royalty free background music that can be used for both personal and commercial purposes, from enhancing a YouTube channel to creating an online advertising campaign.

Independent Artists

Independent artists provide a unique and creative source for audio tracks. By taking control of their creative process and distributing their own music, independent artists offer a fresh perspective and a vast selection of tracks that can cater to various moods and genres.

Platforms like Filmstro allow content creators to effortlessly customize any music track to their unique taste by adjusting power, momentum, and depth sliders. With flexible pricing options and the ability to filter by genre and project type, independent artists provide an excellent source for high-quality audio backgrounds that can truly elevate your video projects.

Creative Commons Platforms

An image showing a person recording audio for a video background, perfect for audio background for video on Creative Commons Platforms.

Creative Commons platforms, such as the YouTube Audio Library and Free Music Archive, offer a vast selection of free background music with specific licensing requirements. These platforms provide content creators with access to a wide range of tracks, including public domain content and music licensed under Creative Commons.

By adhering to the licensing requirements of Creative Commons platforms, you can ensure that you're utilizing the songs, sound effects, and stock footage legally, without incurring any legal or financial worries. This makes Creative Commons platforms, which offer creative commons licenses, an excellent source for high-quality audio backgrounds that can be used for both personal and commercial projects.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Audio Background

A person listening to music and thinking about the perfect audio background

Selecting the perfect audio background for your video project can be a daunting task. With thousands of tracks available, how do you know which one will best complement your visuals and enhance the overall message? To make this process easier, we've gathered some tips to help you choose the perfect audio background.

When selecting the ideal audio background, it's essential to think about the mood and tone of the video, the role of the music, and the atmosphere you wish to evoke. By considering these factors and taking into account your audience's preferences, you can find the perfect audio background that will captivate your viewers and elevate your video project.

Matching Mood and Tone

The mood and tone of a video play a crucial role in capturing the viewer's attention and evoking emotions. To create a captivating atmosphere, the audio background should match the genre of the video or film and evoke the desired emotions - whether it's a chillrelaxing vibe or an intense, action-packed scene.

When selecting the perfect genre of music for videos, consider the atmosphere and mood of the video, as well as the preferences of your viewers. By doing so, you can ensure that the audio background resonates with your audience and powerfully enhances the overall viewing experience.

Considering Audience Preferences

Your audience's preferences are a key factor in determining the success of your video project. By considering their likes and dislikes, you can select an audio background that resonates with them and keeps them engaged throughout the video.

To make sure your audio background appeals to your audience, analyze the song in terms of its musical components such as rhythm, harmony, and timbre. By breaking a song down into its individual components, you can confidently identify the mood of the song and accurately match it to the appropriate category, ensuring that the audio background resonates with the audience and powerfully enhances the overall viewing experience.

Balancing Volume and Clarity

A perfect balance between volume and clarity is essential for an immersive audio experience. Too loud, and the audio background can overpower the visuals; too quiet, and it becomes inaudible. To achieve this balance, use reliable, intuitive software to adjust the volume of the audio background, ensuring it complements the visuals without overpowering them.

In addition to adjusting the volume, using EQ to balance the sound and adding effects such as reverb, delay, and compression can help craft a professional-sounding mix. Don't forget to test your mix on multiple sets of speakers to ensure that it sounds great on all devices.

How to Use Audio Backgrounds Effectively in Your Video Projects

A person mixing and editing audio backgrounds for a video project

Now that you know how to choose the perfect audio background, it's time to learn how to use them effectively in your video projects. Proper timing and placement, mixing and editing, and adhering to licensing requirements are crucial for creating a captivating and engaging video experience.

By carefully considering the mood and tone of the video, selecting the appropriate audio background, and ensuring proper volume and clarity, you can create a captivating and immersive audiovisual experience that will leave your audience wanting more.

Timing and Placement

The timing and placement of your audio background play a significant role in the overall impact of your video. Properly syncing the audio with the visuals ensures a seamless and engaging experience for the viewers. To achieve this, select the song before creating the video and make sure the audio and visuals are perfectly in sync.

Intros and outros can help create smooth transitions between scenes and ensure that the audio background perfectly complements your video. By using breaks in the music to emphasize significant moments, you can draw attention to the most impactful parts of the video and create a more dynamic and engaging experience for your audience.

Mixing and Editing

Mixing and editing audio backgrounds can make a huge difference in the overall quality of your video project. By using EQ to balance the sound, adding effects like reverb, delay, and compression, and adjusting the volume levels, you can create a professional-sounding mix that perfectly complements your visuals.

To ensure that your mix sounds good on all types of speakers, test it on multiple sets of speakers, and make any necessary adjustments. This will guarantee that your audio background remains clear and balanced, regardless of the device your audience is using to watch your video.

Adhering to Licensing Requirements

Ensuring that you adhere to the licensing requirements when using an audio background is crucial for avoiding legal and financial issues. Whether you're using royalty-free music, Creative Commons platforms, or licensed tracks from independent artists, understanding the licensing agreements and giving proper credit to the original creator of the work is essential.

By reaching out to the copyright holder directly and discussing the details of the license, you can ensure that you have the necessary permissions to use the music in your video project. This will allow you to focus on creating captivating content without worrying about potential copyright issues.


In conclusion, choosing the perfect audio background can transform your video projects and create a captivating experience for your audience. By exploring the world of audio backgrounds, selecting the perfect track from top sources, and implementing the tips provided in this blog post, you can elevate your videos and set yourself apart from the competition.

Remember, the perfect audio background is the key to unlocking the full potential of your video projects. So, go forth and create captivating content that leaves your audience wanting more!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I put background music on my video?

Ready to add some background music to your video? You can do it quickly and easily by logging in to YouTube Studio, selecting the video you'd like to edit, clicking on Editor, and then selecting Audio from

With a few clicks, you can find the perfect song for your video and hit SAVE!

Let's get that music going!

Where do I find background music for videos?

Finding background music for videos doesn't have to be complicated! Check out that offer royalty-free background music options and find the perfect soundtrack for your next video project.

From upbeat and energetic tracks to mellow and calming melodies, you can find the perfect background music to fit your video's mood. Whether you're an adult or not, you're welcome.

How can I add background music to a video for free?

You can easily add background music to a video for free using VEED, an online video editing app. Simply upload your video and choose from the variety of song tracks and sound effects to add to it.

Then, download your clip when you're done!

What do you call background music in a video?

Background music in a video is often referred to as instrumental or incidental music, creating the perfect atmosphere and setting the mood for viewers. It's a great way to enhance your video content and create an unforgettable viewing experience.

Music can be used to evoke emotion, add energy, and create a sense of atmosphere. It can also be used to add a sense of urgency or to create a sense of anticipation. It can be used to add a new feature.

Where can I find free background music?

Looking for free background music for your videos? Look no further!

This amazing website from Artyfile provides royalty-free audio perfect for your video project.