Product number: ars21000552
Product information "Salt"
Introducing Salt - a sublime track that brings together subtle piano progressions and modern beats to create a truly captivating sonic experience. Perfect for any filmmaker, creative, content creator, or video editor looking to inject some royal flair into their work, Salt is a remarkable contribution to the artyfile.

This mesmerizing track starts with a gentle piano intro that quickly builds and rises into a triumphant chorus, brimming with moving melody and character. The modern beats then come into play, providing an engaging counterpoint to the emotive keys. An enchanting wave of sound, Salt taps into the opulence of classic music to bring an opulent feel to any project.

Let Salt provide your work with the majestic and elegant atmosphere it needs. Perfect for video game trailers, movie trailers, commercials, and more, this one-of-a-kind track is sure to take your project to the next level. Give your work the touch of royalty it deserves with Salt.
BPM: Slow, Medium
Genres: Classical, Electronic, Piano Songs, Pop
Instruments: Instrumental, Piano, Synthetic
Moods: Emotional, Romantic / Sentimental, Sad /Nostalgic

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