Sunrise And Candles (Harp Version)



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Product information "Sunrise And Candles (Harp Version)"
Royal Melodies: Enchanting Ballads - Harp Rendition. Celtic Charm, Serene Ambiance, Tranquil Landscapes. Perfect for Relaxation, Meditation, Romance, and Sentimental Journeys.Embrace the stunning beauty of Royal Melodies: Enchanting Ballads - Harp Rendition. This mesmerizing album is perfect for relaxation, meditation, romance, and the ideal backdrop to any sentimental journey you might be on. Open your heart and soul to the Celtic charm of Sunrise And Candles (Harp Version), brought to you by Artyfile! 

Let us take you away to tranquil landscapes with these delightful ballads of immense enchanting beauty played in harp. Imagine sunrises and twinkling candles that lift your spirit and engage all the senses. With this album, you'll discover a sense of inner peace as it evokes within you feelings so sweetly intense. Perfect for filmmakers, content creators, video editors, or anyone who seeks artistry in music – look no further than Sunrise And Candles (Harp Version).
BPM: Slow
Genres: Background, Chillout, Classical, Plucked Instruments
Instruments: Harp
Moods: Celtic, Emotional, Gentle Light, Landscapes, Relaxing / Meditation, Romantic / Sentimental

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