Bach: Cello Suite Recomposed



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Product information "Bach: Cello Suite Recomposed"
Allow the timeless art of Johann Sebastian Bach to inspire and captivate your creative imagination with Bach: Cello Suite Recomposed. This modern version of the famous cello work was produced at Abbey Road Studios in London and offers an opportunity to add a fresh shine to any film or video project. The bold arrangement and captivating solos lend a stunning resonance that will elevate your project and take it to new heights. With its powerful combination of instrumental brilliance, innovativeness, and emotion, this modern adaptation is both informative and inspiring. Just like when Bach composed his celebrated work hundreds of years ago, you will be able to craft something entirely unique and powerful for your own creations. Bach: Cello Suite Recomposed will inject creativity into whatever you desire with its expressive depth.

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BPM: Slow, Medium, Upbeat
Genres: Background, Chillout, Jazz, Opener & Signation / Intro, Outro, Pop
Instruments: Band, Cello, Drums, Instrumental, Orchestra, Piano, Strings
Moods: Emotional, Fashion / Lifestyle, Feel Good, Gentle Light, Landscapes, Romantic / Sentimental, Sad /Nostalgic, Summer / Hot, Wedding
Artist: Paul Lorenz (feat. Lydia Alonso)
Composer: Johann Sebastian Bach arranged by Paul Lorenz
Publisher: Edition Zeitlos

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June 27, 2023 15:45

The Bach: Cello Suite Recomposed background music for videos exceeded all my expectations.

The Bach: Cello Suite Recomposed background music for videos exceeded all my expectations. The artist's reinterpretation of Bach's masterpiece was truly refreshing, giving my video a unique and contemporary feel. I was pleasantly surprised by the swift delivery, which allowed me to start working on my project immediately. I highly recommend this music to anyone seeking a blend of classic and modern for their videos.