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Product information "Bach: Cello Suite Recomposed"

Rediscover Classical Mastery 

Experience the timeless allure of Johann Sebastian Bach with a contemporary twist in "Bach: Cello Suite Recomposed". This remarkable rendition, brought to life at the iconic Abbey Road Studios in London, offers a novel vibrancy to the legendary cello composition. Perfect for filmmakers and content creators, this reimagined masterpiece adds an unparalleled depth to any project, blending classical finesse with modern flair.

A Sonic Journey of Innovation

"Bach: Cello Suite Recomposed" stands as a testament to creative evolution. The bold arrangements and mesmerizing solos crafted in this version are not just heard but felt, providing a stunning aural experience that elevates your work to new artistic heights. It's an audacious reinterpretation that honors Bach's original genius while propelling it into the contemporary realm of music.

Unleash Your Creative Potential

Just as Bach's original compositions broke new ground, this modern adaptation invites you to forge your unique path. Infused with instrumental brilliance and emotional depth, "Bach: Cello Suite Recomposed" is an inspiring force, fueling creativity and passion in your projects. It's not just music; it's a catalyst for innovation and artistic expression, offering a new perspective on a classic work.

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BPM: Slow, Medium, Upbeat
Genres: Background, Chillout, Jazz, Opener & Signation / Intro, Outro, Pop
Instruments: Band, Cello, Drums, Instrumental, Orchestra, Piano, Strings
Moods: Emotional, Fashion / Lifestyle, Feel Good, Gentle Light, Landscapes, Romantic / Sentimental, Sad /Nostalgic, Summer / Hot, Wedding
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Additional Information: Released: 22/10/21
Artist: Paul Lorenz (feat. Lydia Alonso)
Composer: Paul Lorenz
Publisher: Edition Zeitlos
Label: 24music
ISRC: FR-X76-21-61595

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June 27, 2023 15:45

The Bach: Cello Suite Recomposed background music for videos exceeded all my expectations.

The Bach: Cello Suite Recomposed background music for videos exceeded all my expectations. The artist's reinterpretation of Bach's masterpiece was truly refreshing, giving my video a unique and contemporary feel. I was pleasantly surprised by the swift delivery, which allowed me to start working on my project immediately. I highly recommend this music to anyone seeking a blend of classic and modern for their videos.