Product number: SW10396
Product information "Eurovisionshymne"
If you’re looking for an iconic, high-quality piece of classical music that has become the symbol of the Eurovision Song Contest and Eurovision broadcasts, then look no further than Eurovisionshymne. With its majestic brass and captivating strings, this beautiful piece will add a touch of class to all your projects. Whether you’re a filmmaker, creative, or influencer, this track will give your work an impressive edge that won’t go unnoticed. Through its stirring melody and cinematic scale, the powerful emotion of such a timeless piece is sure to bring your projects to life in an unforgettable way. When you need to create a stunning atmosphere full of drama and atmosphere, Eurovisionshymne can provide it all. Thanks to the superior production quality and rich history behind this magnificent classic masterpiece, rest assured that your productions are sure to stand out from the crowd with Eurovisionshymne.
BPM: Medium
Genres: Audio Logos, Birthday / Celebrations / Ocassions, Classical, Corporate, Marching Music, Opener & Signation / Intro, Outro
Instruments: Brass, Cello, Double Bass, Horns, Instrumental, Orchestra, Strings, Timpani, Trumpet, Violin
Moods: Majestatic / Motivation, Military /Patriotic

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