Bach/Gounod: Ave Maria Recomposed



Product number: ars2100005
Product information "Bach/Gounod: Ave Maria Recomposed"
Experience the ethereal beauty of "Ave Maria" performed by a talented male vocalist accompanied by an enchanting piano melody. With a gentle beat serving as a delicate foundation, an exquisite orchestral arrangement gracefully complements the composition.Let the transcendent beauty of "Ave Maria" take you to an entirely different world with its exquisite orchestral arrangement, enchanting piano melody, and charming male vocalist.  "Ave Maria " is an unparalleled work of art that will make an excellent addition to any creative’s audio library.

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BPM: Slow
Genres: Christmas, Classical
Instruments: Drums, Flute, Harp, Orchestra, Piano, Strings, Violin, Vocal Man
Moods: Christmas, Religious, Wedding
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Additional Information: Released: 
Artist: Josh
Composer: Paul Lorenz
Publisher: Edition Zeitlos
Label: 24music
ISRC: FR-X76-21-61595

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