Finding royalty included premium music for videos & podcasts:



What kind of licenses or clearances does ARTYFILE provide?

ARTYFILE grants a Synchronization/Master Use License. A Synchronization/Master Use License allows music to be used in timed relation to moving picture. A moving picture can be defined as a slideshow, video or a film.

What kind of payment methods do you accept?

We accept Credit card, Paypal, Apple Pay, Giropay, EPS

How many times can I use a song?

You can use the purchased song as often as you like.

May I use the purchased music in my podcast?

Yes, you can also use the purchased music in podcasts.

If you’re hired to create the Project...

If you’re hired to create the Project, your client is covered by your license and can use the Project anywhere. You and your clients can present and/or play the Project publicly, distribute it in all existing means of media, websites, platforms, social networks, video sharing sites, television, or other data storage devices, you name it! 

Artyfile is made for people creating videos. Therefore, the Assets can’t be used as standalones (for example audio or footage only) without being part of a video. This means you can’t in any way use, record, perform, present, publicly perform, copy, distribute in any manner, transfer, share, sell or give a license to the Assets as standalones.

Can I use the song on Youtube videos?

Understanding YouTube Monetization with Artyfile Music: Navigating the complexities of YouTube monetization can be challenging. While some providers claim to offer monetizable music, guarantees are often uncertain due to factors like YouTube's 'audio fingerprint' system. For a detailed explanation, visit our blog: Unveiling the Truth About Monetizing YouTube Videos with Music.

At Artyfile, we simplify this for you. You can freely use our music in your YouTube videos, but direct monetization by you isn't possible. Instead, monetization proceeds go directly to us and are fairly distributed among artists and rights holders. 

Innovatively, Artyfile has introduced a 'modern monetization' system through music NFTs. By purchasing a share in a music NFT, you gain the opportunity to earn from the total revenue generated by the song, not just on YouTube, but across all platforms. This approach offers a unique way to be part of the music's success and its financial rewards. For a detailed explanation, visit our Music NFT Homepage.

What does "royalty-free" or "license-free" mean at

At Artyfile, "royalty-free" or "license-free" refers to the fact that once you purchase a track from us, there are no additional fees required for the use of our music in your film and video projects. This means you can use the music you've purchased without incurring extra costs.

Despite this, we ensure that the artists, musicians, composers, and all authors involved in a work are paid directly and fairly by Artyfile. This is part of our commitment to maintaining the high standard of music we offer.

Our music is not just a product; it's a carefully curated collection of high-quality compositions from globally recognized talent. We differentiate ourselves by focusing on quality over quantity, providing a manageable selection of superior music that sets our customers' content apart.

In the long term, we aim to influence the industry by raising the bar for quality, encouraging a shift away from mass-produced music to more thoughtful, high-quality compositions.

What audio quality of the songs is delivered?

With the purchased song, the file is available for download as a high-resolution WAV file with 24bits and 44100Hz.
The "Download Preview" song, can be downloaded by anyone as an MP3 file at 128 kbps as an example.