Top 10 Sources for Outstanding Music for Podcast in 2024

Securing music for podcasts involves navigating a maze of choices and licenses. This guide zeroes in on where to find impactful tracks and how to use them legally, allowing you to focus on producing a compelling podcast with the right music for podcast that resonates with your listeners.

Key Takeaways

  • Choosing the right music for podcast intros and outros is key in setting the tone and creating brand recognition, while also enhancing the listener’s emotional connection and anticipation for future episodes.
  • Royalty-free music libraries and subscription services provide a wide array of music options for podcasts, with the choice between free and paid tracks being a balance of uniqueness, quality, and budget.
  • Utilizing public domain and Creative Commons music requires adherence to copyright laws while offering a cost-effective way to diversify a podcast’s soundscape; custom theme songs and single-episode licenses can tailor music to the podcast’s unique brand and content.

Crafting the Perfect Podcast Vibe with Intro and Outro Music

Music is the invisible character in your podcast that silently amplifies the mood, engages your audience, and reinforces your brand identity. And when it comes to intro and outro music, they play a pivotal role in shaping your podcast’s vibe. We will now discuss how to choose your unique sound and create an outro that captivates your listeners.

Selecting Your Signature Sound

The magic of music lies in its capacity to evoke emotions and create an immersive experience. A well-chosen, consistent intro doesn’t just establish the tone of your podcast, but it also creates an emotional connection with your audience, making your podcast instantly identifiable across various projects. Selecting the right podcast intro music is crucial for setting the stage for a memorable listening experience.

For instance, exploring platforms like 909 Music on Soundcloud can help you find royalty free music, providing a treasure trove of modern, cutting-edge royalty-free music, which could be the signature sound you’re looking for.

Outro Music That Leaves Them Wanting More

While intros set the stage, outros leave a lingering taste. Outro music, when done right, can maintain the listener’s connection, prompt actions like subscribing or reviewing, and enhance overall engagement. It’s like the final note that reverberates even after the podcast ends, making your audience look forward to the next episode.

The Essential Guide to Royalty-Free Music Libraries

Imagine having a library at your disposal where you can explore and pick royalty free tracks that suit your podcast’s mood, theme, and style. Welcome to the world of royalty-free music libraries! These platforms are like treasure islands, filled with diverse, professionally made tracks, accessible through user-friendly interfaces.

We will now explore the complex world of licensing in these libraries to discover unique tracks that will elevate your podcast.

Navigating Licensing in Royalty-Free Libraries

Navigating the sea of licensing can be tricky, but it’s crucial to avoid legal repercussions. When you opt for royalty-free music, it typically requires a one-time payment or an active subscription. You can choose between lifetime licenses for indefinite usage or subscription-based licenses while the subscription is maintained.
Remember, using copyrighted music without permission can land you in hot water, so tread carefully.

Unearthing Gems: Finding Unique Tracks in Libraries

It’s time to put on your explorer hat and dig deeper into the treasure trove of the best royalty free music libraries. These libraries often create curated playlists specifically for certain podcast genres, making it easier for you to find the perfect track. Some popular royalty-free music libraries include:

  • Artyfile
  • Epidemic Sound
  • AudioJungle
  • Artlist
  • PremiumBeat

Explore these libraries and find the perfect music to enhance your podcast episodes.

For instance, Pixabay offers unique songs that can significantly enhance your podcast’s production value, providing free music for podcasts without the need for artist credit.

Discovering Free Music Archives for Podcast Creators

What if you could access a vast collection of royalty-free music without spending a dime? Free music archives such as Free Music Archive, YouTube Audio Library, and Pixabay are a goldmine for podcast creators. However, free doesn’t always mean compromise.

We will now explore how to strike a balance between quality and budget, and ensure compliance with copyright laws.

Balancing Quality with Budget: Free vs. Paid Tracks

While free music archives provide an affordable solution for podcast creators, the choice between free and paid music options often boils down to a trade-off between uniqueness, quality, and budget. While free tracks may lack in uniqueness and quality, paid music services often offer professionally produced tracks that add a polished touch to your podcast. Thus, it’s all about finding the right balance that suits your podcast’s needs and budget.

Attribution and Usage: Staying on the Right Side of Copyright Laws

Staying on the right side of copyright laws is essential when using Creative Commons music. Though these tracks allow the use of music without explicit permission, they do require that credit is given to the creator. Some free music providers, such as the YouTube Audio Library, offer tracks at no cost but may require attribution.

So, while accessing free music, always remember to respect the artist’s work and adhere to the license terms.

Seamless Transitions: Using Background Music Effectively

Music isn’t just about intro music and outros; it’s the invisible thread that weaves the entire narrative of your podcast. Background music and sound effects can amplify the emotional aspect of your podcast, adding an extra layer of depth and texture.

We will now discuss how to seamlessly transition between segments and set the mood with atmospheric sounds.

Creating Smooth Segues Between Segments

Transition music is the unsung hero that connects the dots, ensuring a smooth flow without distracting from the main content. A short, quick sting or a brief piece can serve as an effective bridge between segments, keeping your audience engaged and aware of context shifts within the podcast.

Setting the Scene with Atmospheric Sounds

Atmospheric sounds and mood music can subtly enhance the podcast’s narrative. Whether it’s the sound of a bustling coffee shop or a serene forest, ambient noise can heighten the realism and convey a specific mood or theme within a podcast. By enhancing the storytelling aspect, music can help retain audience attention and add extra context to a podcast story.

The Ultimate Guide to Public Domain and Creative Commons Music

Public domain and Creative Commons music offer an ocean of opportunities for podcast creators to access a variety of tracks for free. We will now take a closer look at the public domain and examine how to utilize Creative Commons to enrich your podcast’s soundscape.

Diving Straight Into the Public Domain Pool

Public domain music refers to works typically published in 1926 or before in the U.S., free from copyright restrictions. This pool of music allows you to experiment with numerous soundscapes for your content, without worrying about license fees or royalties. Some popular public domain music genres include:

Feel free to explore these genres and find the perfect music to enhance your content.

Leveraging Creative Commons for Podcast Diversity

Creative Commons music is a boon for creators, offering a variety of music shared by artists for free. However, freedom comes with responsibility. When using Creative Commons licensed music, it’s crucial to follow the license terms, such as providing credit to the artist.

Subscription Services Or Exclusive Non Subscription Services : Unlimited Access to Cheap Generic Or High Quailty Podcast Music

If you’re looking for unlimited access to generic, cheap songs and sound effects, subscription services like Epidemic Sound, Soundstripe, and StockMusic.com are your go-to destinations. If you want more: Choose professional platforms like Artyfile or famous Indie Artist. We will now examine how to select a subscription model that caters to your needs and gain access to unique content unavailable elsewhere.

Deciding on a Subscription Model That Fits Your Needs

A monthly subscription to a music service ensures continuous access to extensive, cheap libraries of tracks for your podcast, including unlimited downloads. Whether you’re looking for streaming  to experiment with different generic soundscapes, choosing the right subscription model is key to unlocking a vast non-professional library of tracks.

Exclusive Content: Accessing Professional Music Not Found Anywhere Else

For podcasters seeking to distinguish their sound, Artyfile emerges as a premier choice. With its expansive library of exclusive tracks, Artyfile offers a sonic palette designed to give your podcast a unique audio identity. By integrating Artyfile's premium offerings into your episodes, you ensure that your podcast resonates with listeners and stands out in a crowded market.

Tailoring Music to Your Podcast Genre

Just like a well-tailored suit, the right music can enhance your podcast’s overall appeal. Choosing music that aligns with your podcast’s genre not only creates the appropriate atmosphere but also enhances the overall listening experience.

We will now discuss how to align music with your podcast’s mood and theme, and provide some recommendations specific to different genres.

Matching Music with Mood and Theme

Music can be a powerful storytelling tool, capable of intensifying the narrative experience by creating the intended emotional impact. Whether it’s suspense, relaxation, excitement, or other moods, the right instrumental music can resonate with the tone of individual episodes or segments, enhancing the narrative mood and discussed topics.

Genre-Specific Recommendations

Choosing music that meshes with your podcast’s theme can significantly enhance the listening experience. For example, true-crime podcasts can be more engaging with tension-building music, and humorous tunes can elevate comical podcasts.

A service like Freebeats.io, offering hip hop, EDM, and electronic music, could be just the right fit for podcasts within these genres.

Single Episode or Series: Choosing the Right License

Whether you’re planning a single episode or an entire series, choosing the right music license is crucial. A one-time purchase of a music track can be a cost-effective option for a single episode. However, if you have a regular publishing schedule, purchasing a single license covering a podcast series for up to one year or 52 episodes can be a smart investment.

Customizing Your Theme Song: Working with Indie Artists

Have you ever thought about creating an exclusive audio brand for your podcast? Collaborating with indie artists and famous composers like Paul Lorenz Music enables you to tailor your theme song, providing a unique touch. Collaboration with indie artists can lead to a synergy that expedites the creative process, enhances learning opportunities, and extends audience engagement.

Making Money from Your Podcast Without Compromising on Music Quality

Effectively generating revenue from your podcast is vital for covering the expenses of high-quality music. Here are a few ways to generate a financially supportive audience:

  • Sponsorships
  • Donations
  • Selling premium or ad-free content
  • Setting up paid membership tiers for exclusive perks

Also, creating additional revenue streams can help support your podcast’s financial needs without compromising on music quality.


We’ve navigated the world of podcast music, exploring everything from intro and outro music, royalty-free libraries, free music archives, and subscription services to public domain and Creative Commons music. We’ve also delved into genre-specific music selection, licensing considerations, and podcast monetization. So, equipped with this knowledge, are you ready to turn up the volume and give your podcast the soundtrack it deserves?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legal to play music on your podcast?

No, it is not legal to use music in your podcast without the permission of the copyright holder. You need to obtain a license to use the music in order to comply with copyright laws.

How do I choose a podcast song?

Choose a podcast song by considering the mood you want to create for your audience, then use mood filters on platforms like Artlist to find the right music and sound effects. This will help you evoke the desired emotions in your listeners.

What's the importance of intro and outro music in a podcast?

Intro and outro music are essential in a podcast as they shape the overall vibe, create an emotional connection with the audience, and strengthen the podcast's brand identity, stimulating feelings.

What is royalty-free music?

Royalty-free music is music that requires a one-time payment or an active subscription for use, allowing content creators to use it without incurring additional royalty fees.

What are the advantages of using music from subscription services?

Using music from subscription services provides unlimited access to premium songs and sound effects, higher-quality music, curated playlists, and efficient track search. This can greatly enhance the quality and appeal of your podcast.