Fly With Me



Product number: SW10351
Product information "Fly With Me"

Energize Your Visuals

"Fly With Me" stands out as an exceptional groovy dance beat, infused with positivity and an upbeat rhythm, designed to bring life to sports videos and image films. Its fantastic groove and motivational undertones are perfect for creators looking to inject energy and enthusiasm into their projects. Tailored for dynamic visuals, this track promises to elevate your content and engage your audience from the first beat.

A Symphony of Motivation

Crafted with the needs of filmmakers, content creators, and advertising agencies in mind, "Fly With Me" serves as an audio catalyst that transforms good visuals into great storytelling experiences. Whether you're compiling an intense workout session or showcasing the elegance of motion in an image film, this track's vibrant beats and positive energy are your go-to solution for captivating soundscapes. It's not just music; it's a boost of inspiration for both creators and viewers alike.

Seamless Integration

Recognizing the diverse needs of our clients, "Fly With Me" is offered with flexible licensing options, ensuring a hassle-free integration into various projects. Artyfile's commitment to high-quality, reputable, and professional music solutions shines through this track, making it a valuable asset for anyone looking to add a unique, motivational, and upbeat element to their videos. Experience the difference "Fly With Me" can make in your next sport video or image film, and let the rhythm guide your vision to new heights.

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USE: Unleashing Creative Freedom

Your Project, Your Music:

With the Fly With Me Music NFT, you gain the exclusive right to use this song in your personal content, be it films, videos, or social media. This liberty of music NFTs transcends traditional licensing, offering endless creative possibilities. Whether it's a signature tune for your YouTube channel or a backdrop for your latest film project, your investment allows repeated and varied use, ensuring your content stands out.

EARN: Stream of Royalties

Earn as You Entertain:

Owning a Fly With Me Music NFT means you're not just a listener but an earner. Receive consistent royalties from major streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple, Amazon, and YouTube. Your favorite tune now becomes a source of passive income. Plus, every time the sync rights are sold on Artyfile, you earn a share, adding to your investment’s growth.

OWN: Empowering Your Ownership in Music

Invest in a Piece of Musical Artistry:

The Fly With Me Music NFT is not just a token; it's a limited edition groundbreaking opportunity to own 1% of the master rights of a captivating song. This unique offer blends the love of music with the allure of digital asset ownership, presenting an unmatched investment opportunity with NFT songs. As an investor, you become part of the song's legacy, sharing in its success and journey and trade with it also on OpenSea, Rarible and many more.
BPM: Medium, Upbeat, Fast
Genres: Background, Corporate, Electronic, Opener & Signation / Intro, Outro, Pop
Instruments: Brass, Electric Piano, Instrumental, Piano, Synthetic
Moods: Aerobics / Workout, Crime / Thriller, Feel Good

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