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Redrum Trailer – the perfect choice for film trailer, adventure, documentation and sport music to take your projects to the next level. A classical monumental sound from a creative brand with quality in its foundation, Redrum Trailer amplifies the emotion of your videos and sets them apart from the rest. 

With an extensive library of majestic classical music, classic cinematic tones, intense sound effects and more, it's never been easier for filmmakers and content creators to find the perfect track. Plus, each track is tailor-made for previews and teasers as well as trailers to draw in viewers. You won’t have to worry about low-grade audio ruining that special moment in your video; only superior recording techniques combined with pristine-quality audio make up Redrum Trailer's unbeatable production style. 

Say goodbye to mundane music and immerse yourself in Redrum Trailer’s masterful collection—one destined to make your project stand out among others with its classic flair. Unleash your imagination with captivating works composed by industry-renowned musicians and pilots that propel creativity everywhere. Get ready to craft captivating visuals enhanced by the power of music!
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USE: Unleashing Creative Freedom

Your Project, Your Music:

With the REDRUM TRAILER Music NFT, you gain the exclusive right to use this song in your personal content, be it films, videos, or social media. This liberty transcends traditional licensing, offering endless creative possibilities. Whether it's a signature tune for your YouTube channel or a backdrop for your latest film project, your investment allows repeated and varied use, ensuring your content stands out.

EARN: Stream of Royalties

Earn as You Entertain:

Owning a REDRUM TRAILER Music NFT means you're not just a listener but an earner. Receive consistent royalties from major streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple, Amazon, and YouTube. Your favorite tune now becomes a source of passive income. Plus, every time the sync rights are sold on Artyfile, you earn a share, adding to your investment’s growth.  

OWN: Empowering Your Ownership in Music

Invest in a Piece of Musical Artistry:

The REDRUM TRAILER Music NFT is not just a token; it's a Limited Edition groundbreaking opportunity to own 1% of the master rights of a captivating song. This unique offer blends the love of music with the allure of digital asset ownership, presenting an unmatched investment opportunity. As an investor, you become part of the song's legacy, sharing in its success and journey and trade with it.
BPM: Medium
Genres: Classical, Marching Music, Opener & Signation / Intro, Outro
Instruments: Brass, Choir, Double Bass, Horns, Instrumental, Orchestra, Percussion, Strings, Timpani, Trumpet, Violin
Moods: Action / Sports, Adventure / Discovery, Aggressive, Crime / Thriller, Emotional, Horror /Scary, Magical / Mystical, Majestatic / Motivation, Military /Patriotic
Use & Earn:

Invest in this song - Use Song, Earn Royalties & Own the Soundtrack of Your Life!

Price: 0,019 ETH (€29 $31 £25) for 1% Ownership Cost

(Click 'Buy & Earn' to be taken directly to our NFT marketplace, where you can effortlessly complete your purchase. More Info how it works?)

What You Get: Creative Freedom:
Gain the exclusive right to use your invested song in your own content, be it film, video, or social media. not only once in a project, but as often as you want and as long as you are involved in the song. Unleash your creativity with no bounds.
Streamlined Royalties:
Enjoy consistent royalty payouts from all major streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple, Amazon, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok... Your favorite songs now generate income for you!
Sync and Earn:
Receive a share of the revenue every time sync rights are sold on Artyfile. Your investment keeps growing in value.


Streams & Links: Listen On Major Streaming Platforms
Additional Information: Released: 
Artist: Artyfile
Composer: Paul Lorenz
Publisher: Edition Artyfile
Label: Artyfile

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