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Product information "Va Pensiero"
Experience the captivating essence of "Nabucco", an opera infused with vibrant Latin music. Delight in the enchanting composition, featuring the melodious harmony of accordion, double bass, clarinet, guitar, and the resonant tenor voice of a male singer. Engage with the mesmerizing Italian lyrics that accompany this remarkable masterpiece. Discover the splendor of this copyright-free gem.For all the creative minds out there, Va Pensiero is a copyright-free gem that you don't want to miss. Drawing on the captivating essence of the opera "Nabucco", this bewitching piece of music features an alluring combination of Latin and melodious harmony. The soulful accordion, double bass, clarinet, guitar and resonant tenor voice make for a gripping composition. Coupled with mesmerizing Italian lyrics, Va Pensiero will provide a unique soundtrack to your work – why not let it elevate your videos to the next level? This sophisticated piece of art offers filmmakers, content creators and video editors an artistic boost – dive into its splendor today!
BPM: Upbeat
Genres: Classical, Jazz, Latin
Instruments: Accordion, Acoustic Guitar, Clarinet, Double Bass, Vocal Man
Moods: Feel Good, Gentle Light, Happy / Funny, Landscapes, Summer / Hot

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