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Why Choose Artyfile?

Artyfile revolutionizes the landscape of Music for Videos, films, and content creation. Our music is exclusively produced in the world’s best studios, including the renowned Abbey Road Studios in London. We offer no generic music – only authentic, professional film composers and world-famous musicians and orchestras like the London Symphony Orchestra.

No Generic Music, Only the Highest Quality

Our music stands out from the competition due to its exceptional quality and exclusivity. Every composition available on Artyfile is recorded by globally recognized artists in prestigious studios. We provide Background Music for Commercials that not only works but inspires.

Why Renowned Filmmakers Choose Artyfile

Have you ever wondered why renowned filmmakers and creative professionals do not use free, royalty-free music? The answer is simple: quality and individuality. Royalty-free music might suffice for some purposes, but if you want to stand out from the crowd, investing in professional music is essential. Music for Film and Social Media from Artyfile enriches your projects and elevates them to new heights.

Fair Pricing and Fair Payment

At Artyfile, we value the art and the artists. All our musicians, composers, and authors are directly and fairly paid by us. We believe that true quality has its price and is always the better choice in the long run. Our Instrumental Music for Films is not just a product but a carefully curated collection of high-quality compositions.

Music That Makes Your Videos Successful

Choosing high-quality music from Artyfile is not only an artistic but also an economic investment. Music can significantly influence the perception and success of your videos. Viewers recognize and appreciate quality, which is reflected in higher engagement rates and stronger connections.

Quality Over Quantity

Artyfile distinguishes itself with a selective, high-quality range. Unlike other providers offering a broad selection, we focus on a manageable collection of Professional Music for Filmmakers that truly sets our clients’ content apart. Our High-Quality Music for Corporate Videos and other platforms set new standards.

Innovative Licensing Model

We offer an innovative licensing model that allows you to use high-quality music easily and without legal complications. Our sync licenses are clear and straightforward, allowing you to focus on what’s important: creating great content.

Music NFTs: An Investment in the Future

As part of our groundbreaking USPs, we offer limited edition music NFTs. These allow you to not only use high-quality music but also invest in it. You can purchase shares in the songs and benefit from the revenue generated through streaming and sync rights.

The Voice of Artyfile

Artyfile stands for professionalism, education, and innovation. Our tone is sophisticated yet approachable, perfectly balancing formality and creativity. Our Custom Soundtracks for Advertising Campaigns appeal to professionals seeking reliability and innovative thinkers who value unique investment opportunities.

Artyfile is more than just a choice – it’s a statement. With our music, you choose quality, innovation, and the true essence of art. Invest in your projects and experience the difference that real, high-quality music can make. Music for Videos from Artyfile is not just heard; it’s felt. Start today and elevate your content to the next level.